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Compelled by my conscience

How to help the people I see in need.

I was raised to look around and help those in need. To smile at people who pass by, and to lift people who are down. For a long time I have felt uncertain of how to help the people you and I see every day, on the corner, asking for help. I want to help, but I'm not sure the right way.

Have you ever sat there, trying not to stare, and thought "they'll just spend it on drugs" or "what if something bad happens". I'm ashamed to say I have. But the feeling that I need to do something doesn't go away.

Last November I took my kids downtown to the planetarium. We were walking across Main Street to catch the train home when we walked past a man lying on the ground. I think it was 12 degrees F outside. I had a warm down coat on, and thought, I really should just give it to him. I walked by, loaded the kids in the elevator, and drove home. It has stuck with me ever since. I'm ashamed I didn't help. That has to change now.

Whatever your religion or your internal moral conviction, I think everyone feels a need to help the people who need it most. I want to start helping them by giving them a chance to learn how to code. By giving them access to great education so they can qualify for employment. By enabling them to reach their potential and find their own shelter through code. I hope you can join me.

#volunteer #charity

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